DSC_6881 croppedBosho, As the Tribal Chairperson, I am pleased to welcome you to the Hannahville Indian Community, Band of Potawatomi’s official website.

The Hannahville Indian Community is a rapidly growing entity whose mission is to preserve and enhance our community’s social, economic and cultural existence.

We hope you enjoy our website and visit it often to get updates on the happenings and events taking place in Hannahville.  Now that you’ve visited the website, please make it a point to one day visit us in person.  We’re always happy to see new faces and smiles and welcome the opportunity to make new and lasting friends.

Have a great visit and enjoy.

Kenneth Meshigaud, Tribal Chairperson
Hannahville Indian Community

Save the Date for our 40th Annual Great Lakes Area Traditional Pow Wow

save the date 2016

Construction Project Update

oasis construction2In August of 2013 the Tribe received a $600,000 grant award to expand the current Island Oasis building so we can improve services to the tribal community. The new space is being added onto the Signature Sub side of the building and will include a new larger Pharmacy store as well as a small Laundromat, a retail outlet for local tourist type products, and a consignment area for tribal members to sell their handmade products. Construction is expected to be complete mid to end of November.

How will this new Pharmacy location be better for tribal members?
1. It will be much larger and will offer more health care products.
2. The hours of operation for the Pharmacy will be expanded to include some
evening and weekend hours.
3. There will be a drive-up window for customers so you don’t have to go into
the store, you will be able to pick up your medication from the drive-up
window, similar to Walgreens.

Who will be able to get their prescriptions filled at the new Pharmacy?

Tribal Members, Tribal community and casino employees and the general public. The current Health Center Pharmacy already serves Tribal Members and community and casino employees, so the addition of the general public is the only difference. This added group will help generate additional revenue for the Pharmacy, which according to the rules of the funding source must be used for health serves for Tribal Members, so any funding that can be generated from providing Pharmacy services to a larger population means more funds for the Tribal Health Center.

What if someone cannot get down to the Pharmacy for their medication?

The Health Center staff has transporters available to assist any client who may need a ride to Pharmacy to get their medication; or they may deliver medication to the Health Center. No client will go without their medication because they can’t get to the new location.

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