DSC_6881 croppedBosho, As the Tribal Chairperson, I am pleased to welcome you to the Hannahville Indian Community, Band of Potawatomi’s official website.

The Hannahville Indian Community is a rapidly growing entity whose mission is to preserve and enhance our community’s social, economic and cultural existence.

We hope you enjoy our website and visit it often to get updates on the happenings and events taking place in Hannahville.  Now that you’ve visited the website, please make it a point to one day visit us in person.  We’re always happy to see new faces and smiles and welcome the opportunity to make new and lasting friends.

Have a great visit and enjoy.

Kenneth Meshigaud, Tribal Chairperson
Hannahville Indian Community

Native American Day at the UP State Fair

NA day at the Fair

23rd Annual Potawatomi Gathering

cpn logoThe Gathering of Potawatomi Nations is hosted each year by one of the nine bands of Potawatomi. The Gathering provides an opportunity for members of all bands to come together and celebrate their Potawatomi heritage. This year’s Potawatomi Gathering is being hosted by the Citizen Band of Potawatomi in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

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